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Fall Journal Preview: The Dynamics of Indigenization

September 28, 2021
Hoapili-kane (1775-1840) and Hoapili-wahine (1777-1842), two of the first Hawaiians admitted to membership in the Congregational church. Portraits by missionary Clarissa Armstrong, 1837. Images courtesy of the Bishop Museum Archives, Honolulu, Hawai’i.

The Fall/Winter 2021 issue of The Journal of Presbyterian History is the second of two special issues on “The Dynamics of Indigenization” in global Christian communities. 

In the Fall/Winter issue, Richard Fox Young looks beyond a missionary’s 1837 portraits of two early Hawaiian converts to Christianity to examine the complex changes occurring in Hawaii (and other Pacific Island communities) as American missionaries first began their work there. 

Chris White focuses his article on mid-nineteenth century South Fujian, China, where the first generation of Chinese converts to Christianity both experienced and influenced the precepts around conversion and church discipline introduced by Reformed Church in America missionaries. 

In the final article, Kimberly D. Hill examines how Africans influenced the Christian practices of communion, confession, and tithing within the American Presbyterian Congo Mission in the early twentieth century. 

The first special issue on “The Dynamics of Indigenization,” published in May 2021, featured articles on the Middle East, India, and Thailand. Both issues include introductions and commentary by Journal guest editors Heather Sharkey, Connie Shemo, and Bonnie Sue Lewis.

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