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Advisory Council

The Presbyterian Historical Society Advisory Council was created by the PHS Board of Directors to offer advice and support to the Board and to PHS staff in their mission to collect, preserve, and share the history of American Presbyterianism within the church at all levels and beyond. Though the Advisory Council has no governing or decision-making power, its members are encouraged to act as advocates for the society by communicating the society’s mission and priorities to a broader audience, and by making potential researchers and users aware of the society’s rich holdings and learning opportunities. In addition, Advisory Council members are asked to help sustain the society’s existence by assisting with fundraising and revenue building.

Advisory Council Members

The Reverend Eugene C. Bay (Newtown Square, PA)

Dr. Melva Costen (Atlanta, GA)

Mrs. Joan Fong (Fremont, CA)

Mr. C. Michael Harrington and Josephine Hall (Jody) Harrington (Sugar Land, TX)

Dr. Frederick J. Heuser (Collingswood, NJ)

The Reverend Dr. John W. Kuykendall (Davidson, NC)

Mr. William R. Laws, III (Sacramento, CA)

The Reverend Dr. J. Oscar McCloud and Mrs. Kathy McCloud (Atlanta, GA)

Mr. Robert F. Morris (Moorestown, NJ)

Dr. Virginia F. Rainey (State College, PA)

The Reverend James F. Reese (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Mr. Ronald Shaffer (Philadelphia, PA)

Mr. Charles W. Soltis and Dr. Carol Eaton Soltis (Wayne, PA)

Mr. Allister M. Waldrop (Houston, TX)

The Reverend Paul G. Watermulder and Mrs. Genie Watermulder (San Mateo, CA)

Dr. Louis B. Weeks (Williamsburg, VA)

Mrs. Janet White (Villanova, PA)