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Past PHS LIVE: Liberal Protestants, Human Rights, and the Polarization of the United States with Dr. Gene Zubovich

October 25, 2022
Cover art for Dr. Gene Zubovich's book, Before the Religious Right; Dr. Zubovich (top right) and Executive Director Nancy J. Taylor (bottom right).

On October 24, PHS Executive Director Nancy J. Taylor welcomed Dr. Gene Zubovich for a conversation about his new book, Before the Religious Right.

When we think about religion and politics in the United States today, we think of conservative evangelicals. But for much of the twentieth century it was liberal Protestants who most profoundly shaped American politics. Taylor and Zubovich discussed how leaders of the religious community influenced the fight for social justice by lobbying for the New Deal, marching against segregation, and protesting the Vietnam War.

Click the video below to watch the session.

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