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BKBB Sources for Educators

October 24, 2022
CCP student handling primary sources from the PHS archives.

Building Knowledge and Breaking Barriers is an archives-based learning project between the Presbyterian Historical Society and Community College of Philadelphia.


One of the central goals of the Building Knowledge and Breaking Barriers project is to “build knowledge” by providing access to Presbyterian Historical Society archival materials for use by educators in their classrooms.

To accomplish this, PHS staff worked with Community College of Philadelphia professors and a history resource writer to identify primary sources from the collections and develop contextual documents for the classroom. The sources and their supporting documents can be found in thematic collections on the BKBB website along with a practical guide for educators and students.

The Source Sets landing page on the BKBB website.

The BKBB source sets feature documents digitized by PHS and cover a range of topics from American and Religious History including Presbyterians and the American Revolution, sermons related to the death of Abraham Lincoln, Black suffrage, and Presbyterian mission. Along with the digitized documents, the source sets contain contextual information on the topic, full citations, information about the author, and reading questions.

PHS Archivist Jenny Barr explains how CCP Professors and PHS Archivists identified sources for the classroom.


Explore source sets and learn how to use them in the classroom at www.BKBBphilly.org/teach-archive.