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Records of National Agencies

The Presbyterian Historical Society is the archives and records manager for national agencies of the PC(USA). Materials of enduring value created by national agencies should be sent to the archives for permanent safekeeping. Records of temporary value which are no longer frequently consulted may also be deposited with the society.


When you start gathering records for transfer, refer to the General Records Retention Schedule below, or available from Centernet, to determine which records have permanent value. Use the retention schedule to dispose of records that have temporary value and are past their retention periods.


If available, use your office’s unique records retention schedule to identify and sort records which have a common destruction date. Or, use the General Retention Schedule below for national agency records.


The society accepts original records of permanent value and temporary records which are no longer frequently consulted on deposit. Records are stored in our secure, climate-controlled archives.


PC(USA) Records Manager Kyna Herzinger is the point of contact for national agency staff preparing records for shipment. 

If you believe you have records that should be transfered to PHS, contact Kyna Herzinger or complete this form. You will receive an automatic confirmation and a follow-up that includes a records transfer number. Kyna will be available to assess the records and assist throughout the process. Once records are ready, mailing lables will be provided and Mailroom staff may be contacted to pick up and ship the boxes. Note that any addition description or inventory that is not captured on the form may be sent to Kyna or David Staniunas via email. 


National agencies of the PC(USA) should use this General Records Retention Schedule. This document identifies the most common types of records and provides instructions for how long the records must be kept. Records are grouped into categories of similar types and described as fully as possible. If you have any questions about the retention schedule, contact Kyna Herzinger.