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February 4, 2016

In 1915, maverick and charismatic 37-year-old minister Henry Morris Edmonds, on trial before the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. North Alabama Presbytery for doctrinal heresy, walked out of his pastorate at Birmingham’s South Highland Presbyterian Church, taking five hundred of the church’s members with him. Closely allied in the then radical Social Gospel Ministry with Jewish Rabbi Morris Newfield, Edmonds literally led his...

January 15, 2016

In the late 1890s, six statues representing famous early American Presbyterians were designed by Alexander Stirling Calder, fabricated in North Philadelphia, and transported by horse and buggy to the heart of Center City. As if unsettled by their future placements high on the Witherspoon Building, each...

January 14, 2016

The Presbyterian Historical Society is a major repository of stories related to the settling of the United States. Since the 1850s it has shared the stories of immigrant peoples who have entered this country, as well as the ongoing saga of Presbyterian engagement with the human rights struggles for an open and democratic U.S. society. In this election year, when immigration has become a central issue in our national discourse, it seems fitting that we should revisit our historical tradition of providing safe boundaries for refugees fleeing war and political oppression.

As many U.S....

January 4, 2016

The Presbyterian Historical Society is pleased to award Heritage Preservation Grants to four PC(USA) congregations. The records to be preserved come from two former congregations of the PCUS, a 19th-century church west of the Mississippi, and a New Deal planned community in Appalachia. The winners are:

  • Fairfield Presbyterian Church (Sandy Lake, Pa.), organized in 1831.
  • Presbyterian Church (Floyd, Va.), organized in 1853.
  • First
  • ...
December 16, 2015

For the past six months, people have asked me, “Are you settled yet?” What a seemingly simple question that is, yet I never quite know how to answer it. What counts as settled?

As far as my home life is concerned, my children are making friends and doing well at school, there are more places I can travel to without relying on Google maps, and my attention is turning from unpacking and painting to repairs around the house. Does that count as settled?

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