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Preservation Grants for Churches

To assist congregations with the preservation of church records, the society awards annual Heritage Preservation Grants to PC(USA) congregations, covering up to $500 of the cost to digitize official records.

Applications are due on December 31 each year. Grants must be used within a two-year time period.

Congregations that qualify are

  • A PC(USA) congregation of 250 members or less
  • At least 50 years old
  • Interested in the preservation of its history
  • Looking for financial assistance to digitize church records

Application procedures

The Clerk of Session should submit:

1. A letter describing:

  • the condition of the records (i.e. binding, pages, ink, any previous water or insect damage, etc.)

  • where the records are currently stored and any history you know about where they were stored in the past

  • why the records are important to the congregation

  • plans the congregation has for preserving its original records in the future

  • the financial need of the congregation

2. An inventory of the records

3. A copy of the congregation's most recent annual budget

Please submit all application materials to:

Presbyterian Historical Society/Heritage Preservation Grant
425 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147