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Annual Fund

PHS Annual Fund

When you give to the PHS ANNUAL FUND, you provide essential support for those programs and services that are core to our mission to collect, preserve and share the story of the American Presbyterian experience. These include the organization, description, and management of historic materials; digitization services; comprehensive online resources; research assistance from expert staff archivists; Research Fellowships; and Heritage Preservation Grants. Your gifts also help PHS continually improve and enhance its physical plant and infrastructure to accommodate the increased use of its state-of-the-art archives and research facility. Click on GIVE NOW to make an online gift or download our giving form and mail your gift today. If you are interested in making a gift of stock, please contact Clorinda Moore at (215) 928-3865 or

Below are some examples of what your tax-deductible annual gift supports!

Give Now 

$50.........Special coverings that permanently preserve our most fragile rare books

$125........Attestations for important life events such as baptisms and marriages

$250.......Acquisition of historic documents and materials that enhance our collection

$500.......Digitization of thirty minutes of 8mm film from the PHS archives
$1,000....Expansion of our digital collections for increased public access to archival materials